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Partnerverzoeken Enterprise Europe Network, oktober 2017

Bij het Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) zijn in oktober 2017 wederom verschillende internationale partnerverzoeken rondom sport binnen gekomen. Dankzij de samenwerking tussen OSF en EEN staan hieronder de partnerverzoeken weergegeven.

In totaal bestaan de onderstaande verzoeken uit 40 ‘business offers’, 9 ‘business requests’, 10 ‘technical offers’ en 1 ‘technical request’. Klik voor meer informatie over de verzoeken op de onderstaande links of neem bij interesse contact op met OSF via de contactpagina.

Business Offers

Polish company manufacturing customized saddles and tack seeks distributors.Poland11-10-2017
A Finnish design and manufacturing company specialized of outdoor sports and exercise equipment is looking for…Finland11-10-2017
Irish based data management experts providing customers of the equestrian world a data and content management and…Ireland9-10-2017
German manufacturer of a new high-protein, low-fat snack (powerfood fitness sausage) is looking for trade…Germany29-9-2017
Developer of multi-functional sports equipment from Hungary seeks distributorsHungary15-9-2017
UK company who designs and supplies high quality signs and display products is looking for commercial agents.United Kingdom15-9-2017
French manufacturer of metal coating, zinc plating, plastic and metal painting, chrome plating on plastics, offers…France14-9-2017
An established Slovak company specialized in the production of plastic products with the technologies of injection…Slovakia14-9-2017
Distributors and agents sought by Turkish company for polyurethane based construction chemicalsTurkey12-9-2017
Polish producer and distributor of natural food supplements, medical products and cosmetics seeks distribution partners…Poland11-9-2017
A French manufacturer of healthy energy bars is looking for distributorsFrance7-9-2017
High profile Licensor seeks an established partner to manufacture and/or distribute a globally recognisable branded…United Kingdom7-9-2017
Polish company offers sport equipment for CrossFit and functional training under distribution services agreementPoland5-9-2017
Innovative medical devices for 3D rehabilitation & autonomy of seniors is looking for distribution or license…France28-8-2017
Italian company expert in planning, designing and building steel and sustainable architectures is looking for EU…Italy21-8-2017
A French manufacturer of sport equipment and sport enclosures for professionals is looking for distributors in EuropeFrance17-8-2017
French company specialised in manufacturing and selling or renting temporary or permanent event tent, industrial storage…France10-8-2017
A South Korean company specialized in manufacturing brake disk and drum lathe is looking for Bulgarian, Czech, and…South Korea2-8-2017
Danish clean-tech company seeks distributors for a novel whole-room disinfection robotDenmark31-7-2017
Spanish company manufacturing innovative healthcare quality products seeks distributorsSpain21-7-2017
Hungarian wooden and metal furniture manufacturer company is looking for partners in the frame of manufacturing or…Hungary15-7-2017
Specialist UK sport nutritional supplement manufacturer seeks international distributorsUnited Kingdom11-7-2017
Austrian supplier of innovative high-quality caps and headbands with LED system is looking for distributors.Austria10-7-2017
Microencapsulation technologies to develop made-to-mesure products and applicationsFrance10-7-2017
Romanian manufacturer of both synthetic and cotton sportswear is offering to collaborate as a subcontractor or under a…Romania9-6-2017
Italian small manufacturer of food supplements and cosmetics offers its products to EU distributorsItaly2-6-2017
Irish investment company looking to partner with start-up communities through a services or outsourcing agreementIreland30-5-2017
Polish producer of residential and commercial playgrounds, garden architecture and outdoor gyms is looking for…Poland23-5-2017
UK seller of innovative luggage systems for winter sports equipment is looking for distributorsUnited Kingdom19-5-2017
Russian motocycle manufacturing company is looking for partners abroad in the framework of distribution agreementRussia18-5-2017
Distribution partner sought for combination device of balance platform and knee bend ergometerGermany12-5-2017
Russian producer of harnesses for connection of chains of an electric equipment is looking for distributors and trade…Russia12-5-2017
Polish SME offers custom made exhibition systems and special furniture under manufacturing agreementPoland10-5-2017
The Polish company is offering innovative CRM and sales automation systems with artificial intelligence and machine…Poland9-5-2017
Russian company specializes in construction and reconstruction of sport facilities and is looking for partners to…Russia5-5-2017
Romanian adventure travel provider is looking for business partners to conclude service agreementsRomania3-5-2017
An Israeli company specializes in production of cardiology and diagnostic devices is looking for distributorsIsrael21-4-2017
Experts in accessible tourism are looking for service agreementSpain7-4-2017
Swedish company within the outdoor gym sector looking for a commercial agency agreement in the UKSweden5-4-2017
Croatian producer of equipment for sports halls and conference rooms seeks agentsCroatia5-4-2017

Business Requests

Austrian sports headgear producer seeks sewing companies under the manufacturing agreement.Austria14-9-2017
Austrian sports headgear producer seeks suppliers/ producers of LED systems under a manufacturing agreement.Austria14-9-2017
Belgian company hosting an online sales platform seeks consumer products to distributeBelgium10-7-2017
French company is looking for a foldable and/or electric foldable bike manufacturerFrance24-4-2017
German start up is looking for manufacturer in light metal construction industry for innovative sports equipmentGermany25-9-2017
German retailer is looking for manufacturer of special sport clothing for martial artsGermany16-8-2017
Slovak company operating e-shops with sport nutrition products is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of dietary…Slovakia10-7-2017
Slovak company operating e-shops with sport nutrition products looking for manufacturers or suppliers of 2.2 litres BPA…Slovakia18-4-2017
Slovak e-shop with fitness and sports equipment looking for manufacturers or distributors of liquid chalkSlovakia18-4-2017

Technical Offers

Secure and transferable e-ticketsSpain27-9-2017
A Polish company offers technology that enables to produce 360° video equipment and live streaming transmission.Poland25-9-2017
Physical treatement of materials to enhance protection from electromagnetic chaotic pollutionItaly18-9-2017
Cryoprotective aqueous composition for removing frost from lawnsSpain27-7-2017
Activity monitoring algorithm using a smartphone and/or wristband is offered as a service or as a licence agreementSlovenia31-5-2017
Innovative boxing bag accessory.Ireland30-5-2017
Extremely powerful electric go-karts.Latvia22-5-2017
Lightning conductor with upgradeable modular structure5-5-2017
Innovative solution for diagnosis and treatment of the spine-stabilising musculatureGermany21-4-2017

Technical Request

Leading biotech company is looking for new biomolecules extracted from animal tissueSpain6-7-2017