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NL Sports Week, introducing: Recreational Systems International


The NL Sports Week (December 12 – December 16) is about to start! In the upcoming weeks towards the NL Sports Week we will introduce the organizations that will participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai. We will do this by asking everyone the same 5 questions. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce Recreational Systems International (website)! 


  1. Can you briefly introduce Recreational Systems International?

I am Arnoud Fiolet and a managing partner of Recreational Systems International – RSI Sports. Our organization is supplier of Reliable Sustainable and Innovative sports infrastructure. We work with 6 business units primarily focused on 3 domains – 1. the stadium pitch – 2. the community pitch and the modular sports domes.  For these domains we have artificial and hybrid turf, grass grow lighting systems, sports panels, turf panels, Airdomes and Automated Video & camera solutions. We try to work in a holistic – conceptual  way. So we have developed the Circular Turf Concept as well as the integrated CLS grass grow maintenance concept.

  1. What does your organization have to offer in the UAE?

The two elements that will stand our are the Circular Turf System and the CLS grass grow maintenance concept. Both will be unique and have added value for the region.

  1. Why do you participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai?

We have been invited to join the mission based on the fact that we have developed the first fully circular artificial turf in the world. We have introduced Polyester as a base material which then can be re-used in the same artificial turf application. The reason why that is unique because over the past ten years minimum 200.000.000 kg of artificial turf plastic ends up being burned or landfilled with serious ground or air by CO2 pollution.  The Dutch government helped fund this development since they have seen the underlying and continuing problem

In this ‘International Knowledge week’ at the Expo we are aiming to share insights, show innovations and to learn from other initiatives.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most?

Meeting government officials in the UAE who understand the importance of sustainability and sports infrastructure.

  1. Why should everyone come to the Netherlands Pavilion and meet you at the Expo?

People that should come and meet us should be focused on sustainable sports development. People who have a long-term vision and who take responsibility for the well-being of their citizens both from a sports and an environmental point of view. Those are the officials we can help by the introduction new technologies which will create fun, which are cost effective from a total cost of ownership point of view and which are more sustainable then anything that is currently being build.


If you want to get in touch with Recreational Systems International, please contact OSF via the contact page and we’re more than happy to provide an introduction! For more information about the NL Sports Week, please visit the following webpage: