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NL Sports Week, introducing: Grootgroener

The NL Sports Week (December 12 – December 16) is about to start! In the upcoming weeks towards the NL Sports Week we will introduce the organizations that will participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai. We will do this by asking everyone the same 5 questions. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce Grootgroener (website)! 


  1. Can you briefly introduce Grootgroener ?

We are André Trip (Managing Director) and Job Dekker (Manager operations) from the dutch company Grootgroener B.V. We are total partner in design, realization and maintenance of public spaces, sports fields and gardens. With our team we unburden municipalities, provinces, water authorities, companies and institutions within landscape projects.

  1. What does your organization have to offer in the UAE?

We will be coming to UAE to present our innovation the WeedAway. With this innovation we make chemical-free sports field management possible! Reducing the use of pesticides on sports fields contributes to a healthier sports environment and to less pollution of surface and groundwater.

  1. Why do you participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai?

We have been invited by Sportinnovator to participate in the NL Sports week and are honored to present our innovation during this great event.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most?

We are most looking forward to getting to know sports field managers around the world and discovering what we can do for them with our company and the WeedAway. We are also looking forward to all other innovations and developments.

  1. Why should everyone come to the Netherlands Pavilion and meet you at the Expo?

You should meet Grootgroener B.V. and the WeedAway if you are involved in sports field management and want to know how to approach sports field management in an environmentally friendly way.


If you want to get in touch with Grootgroener, please contact OSF via the contact page and we’re more than happy to provide an introduction! For more information about the NL Sports Week, please visit the following webpage: