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RSI Sports Group

RSI Sports Group unites several business units that each offer unique sports solutions. Our products answer the demand for affordable, flexible, high-quality and low-maintenance sports facilities. These products allow for use in both professional venues as well as community facilities.

It is the collective expertise available within our group and our desire to be innovative that can be credited for the many ground-breaking solutions we have introduced since the late 90’s.

To us, innovation and product development are the key to laying the foundation of quality sports facilities.  As we are a one-stop shop we are well-positioned to assist clubs, municipalities and governments from around the globe.  All products within our portfolio contribute to achieving savings and to make any type of sports facility to become more sustainable. They also contribute to the profitability of the club or sports facility without affecting their key purpose or mandate: providing a safe and reliable sports and exercise experience.  All our products and procedures are fully compliant with all international standards. They are also being recognised by all relevant international sports authorities.