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NL Sports Week, introducing: i-Vention

The NL Sports Week (December 12 – December 16) is about to start! In the upcoming weeks towards the NL Sports Week we will introduce the organizations that will participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai. We will do this by asking everyone the same 5 questions. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce i-Vention (website)! 


  1. Can you briefly introduce i-Vention?

i-Vention is a start-up company a team of the best experts in the field of indoor environment, public health, ventilation, air cleaning, and system integration. Our mission is creating a healthy and safe indoor environment for every individual dealing with 21st  century challenges such as pandemics.

  1. What does your organization have to offer in the UAE?

i-Vention offers an intelligent ventilation, air cleaning and climatisation system for indoor environments enabling safe hosting of people in times of a pandemic and beyond. The i-vention intelligence results in higher levels of health, safety and sustainability in for example indoor sport facilities, schools, restaurants, hotels and event locations.

  1. Why do you participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai?

The technology developed in the Netherlands should be available throughout the world. Globally everybody is suffering from the pandemic. Since we are spending most of our time indoors, including our exercises to become and stay vital, i-Vention creates a safe indoor environment. No closures of facilities are required with i-Vention, no economical burdens and more important no decrease in our vitality.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most?

The i-Vention team is looking forward to meet policy makers, business owners, executives, property owners, facility managers, sports coaches and sports experts who want to ensure safe and healthy indoor environments for their customers and employees and also want to prevent future closures of their businesses during new waves of COVID-19 infections or other future pandemics.

  1. Why should everyone come to the Netherlands Pavilion and meet you at the Expo?

i-Vention offers you a unique experience with their Cube. In the Cube you can physically simulate an indoor cycling class together with a virtual look through our location in the Netherlands. You can discover how it feels to enjoy your workout in an i-Vention environment.


If you want to get in touch with i-Vention, please contact OSF via the contact page and we’re more than happy to provide an introduction! For more information about the NL Sports Week, please visit the following webpage: