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NL Sports Week, introducing: Bestronics

The NL Sports Week (December 12 – December 16) is about to start! In the upcoming weeks towards the NL Sports Week, we will introduce the organizations that will participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai. We will do this by asking everyone the same 5 questions. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce Bestronics (website)! 


  1. Can you briefly introduce Bestronics?

Bestronics develops and produces high tech electronics, with a specific knowledge and background in sports and leisure. In the highly competitive world of sports, gathering data and finding methods to improve are a key to success. Bestronics facilitates a large number of sports initiatives with both producing as well as participating to be innovative with high tech electronic devices.

  1. What does your organization have to offer in the UAE?

We are the developer and manufacturer of several sports analysis devices, such as SmartGoals, DashTag, SkillGames, Skillcourts, MoNoa, etc. which makes us the ideal partner for development and production of high tech electronics for sports activation and improvement.

  1. Why do you participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai?

To show what’s possible with data in sports for improving results in the sport environment.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most?

Meeting lots of new interesting people in the sports industry who look for innovation in sports.

  1. Why should everyone come to the Netherlands Pavilion and meet you at the Expo?

We can show that we have (or can develop) some cutting edge technology for activating and improving results in sports.


If you want to get in touch with Bestronics, please contact OSF via the contact page and we’re more than happy to provide an introduction! For more information about the NL Sports Week, please visit the following webpage: