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NL Sports Week, introducing: AAA-LUX

The NL Sports Week (December 12 – December 16) is about to start! In the upcoming weeks towards the NL Sports Week we will introduce the organizations that will participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai. We will do this by asking everyone the same 5 questions. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce AAA-LUX (website)! 


  1. Can you briefly introduce AAA-LUX?

AAA-LUX BV is a worldwide present company for high mast high power LED floodlights and we are specialised in sports. AAA-LUX BV is a Dutch company, present in 54 countries, having 3.500 references and working with 30 partners and 3 subsidiaries and one of them is in Dubai. We develop, engineer and assemble in the Netherlands.

  1. What does your organization have to offer in the UAE?

AAA-LUX offers local service and advice. We are familiar in the region and are present for several years. Our 5 USP’s are fully applicable in the region:

  1. Why do you participate in the NL Sports Week at the Expo in Dubai?

We would like to find more partners like contractors, investors, installers and other stake holders in the Dubai region.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most?

A warm contact with the local network familiar with sport lighting.

  1. Why should everyone come to the Netherlands Pavilion and meet you at the Expo?

Dutch engineering and craftmanship. Reducing your CO2 footprint by LED investments and having very happy sports players under the best LED light ever.


If you want to get in touch with AAA-LUX, please contact OSF via the contact page and we’re more than happy to provide an introduction! For more information about the NL Sports Week, please visit the following webpage: